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Top 5 Must Have Android Apps For Movie Lovers

Jul. 20. 2018

If you’re a movie lover, you know that true movie experience doesn’t ends with the movie itself. It’s a journey that takes you through all the intricacies of the film. And we’ve happily compiled a list of apps that will help you in your journey to explore and enjoy movies to the fullest.

Note: None of these apps let you stream or download any content.

All Movie Information

The Internet Movie Database (aka IMDb) tops our list, and why should’t it? IMDb is world’s most popular and authoritative source for movies, TV, and celebrity content.

Just watched a movie that left you in awe? or saw an actor that you want to know more about? no matter the situation, if it’s about movies, IMDb has got your back.

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Movie Reviews and Booking

Going to movies has never been this easier. With Flixster you can browse the latest movies in theaters near you. Stay up to date with movie news and get the latest Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer scores and movie reviews from critics.

You can also book tickets and connect with Google Maps for assisted driving directions to the theater. What more can we ask?

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Movie Trivia Quiz for Movie Lovers

Spotflik: Hollywood Movie Trivia Quiz & Trailers

So you think you’re a movie buff? think again!

Spotflik is a fun, free, fantastic movie trivia quiz app for all who love the magic of cinema. It is perhaps the most challenging trivia game related to movies. We are just hooked to this game.

Spotflik maintains a leaderboard that is updated every hour. Apart from the game, this app also offers facts and behind the scenes updates for your favourite movies, which you can share with your friends on any social platform.

This app has an awesome “Latest Trailers” section where you can watch the trailers of upcoming movies. It’s a full package for movie lovers. You should try this fun app.

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Theater Utilities

You’re in the middle of the most interesting scene in the movie but you gotta leave cause your bladder can’t take it anymore!

Don’t let your next movie experience be like this. Download RunPee – an app that tells you the best time(s) to run and pee, without missing the best scenes. Now you can gulp as much soda as you want without any worries.

The built-in timer will alert you, by discreet vibration, when a peetime is coming, so you don’t have to worry about bothering the people around you in the theater. RunPee also tells you what you’ll be missing while you’re gone.

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Movie Collection and Watchlist

If you have a large movie collection, you know that sometimes it gets difficult to track all those movies. My Movies understand this problem, it allows you to catalog your entire collection of movies and TV series.

It’s a handy app for movie lovers which also offers you to create a list of movies that you want to watch or have already watched.

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That’s it! These are the only apps that you need to be called a proper movie buff.

Top 5 Must Have Android Apps For Movie Lovers

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